Infrared Inspections in Johns Creek, GA
Infrared Inspections in Johns Creek, GA

When your potential investments in Johns Creek, GA call for thorough infrared inspections, consider Building Diagnostics Group, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.  We provide the highest quality infrared and digital imagery in the industry and the most comprehensive non-destructive building investigations available today.

About Us

Building Diagnostics Group (BDG) offers extensive expertise in infrared building science and water testing procedures that enable us to identify the cause and origin of most building failures. Robert Scherer, President, has 25+ years of residential and commercial construction experience. In 2000, he was introduced to the incredible potential of infrared thermography in the building construction industry and purchased his first infrared camera, the first in southwest Florida.

Robert became a pioneer in the field of moisture intrusion and building defect investigations with the use of infrared thermography. He is an ITC Certified Level III Thermographer with over 15 years of thermography experience, a Certified Indoor Environmentalist, a Certified Mold Inspector, and is certified in Advanced Building Diagnostics.

About Our Infrared Building Inspections

BDG can identify potential hidden defects in many different cladding systems. We are often the first to identify signs of a potentially larger problem because water intrusion from the building exterior can take years to show up on the interior, at which point substantial damage has already occurred. Our services include:

What to Expect

BDG will document the goals of your investigation, prepare the equipment and team members that will achieve the best results, and create a “roadmap” to follow when we are on site to keep us working efficiently.

Our team of highly trained professionals will work with you on site, make a clean sweep of the area, and document everything with our specialized equipment. Startling findings are usually available within minutes and may lead to additional areas of interest.

Following the inspection, we will review and analyze the data and digital images we collected and create a comprehensive project report that details the problems and faults encountered. Our reports also provide the technical details your vendors will need to fix them.

Our commitment to you does not end upon delivery. BDG will continue to ensure that your results are working for you for the long term by liaising with contractors and vendors, making ourselves available for additional consultation, and undertaking additional reporting and investigative work.

For more information about infrared inspections in Johns Creek, GA from Building Diagnostics Group, call us at (404) 946-9939 or contact us online to discuss your project.