Our Proven Process


An initial telephone or face-to-face meeting allows our trained professionals to begin to scope exactly what the goals of the investigation are and prepare the equipment and team members necessary to achieve maximum results. An initial brief is also created to give ourselves a “roadmap” to follow when we are on site. This maximizes our effectiveness by keeping ourselves on track and working efficiently.


We send a team to work on site with you. Building Diagnostics Group will make a clean sweep of the area and document everything with specialized equipment. Startling findings are usually available within minutes and may lead to additional areas of interest. Our team will follow the brief created in Step 1 and work with you to cover all the bases.

Provide Answers

Once we are back at our office we will review and analyze the data and digital images we collected during the course of our on-site investigations. These materials are compiled to create a comprehensive project report that details the problems and faults encountered. Our reports illustrate problems clearly in terms that you will understand while also providing the technical details that your vendors will need to fix them.

Stay In The Loop

At the point where other companies might disappear, we will continue to make sure that your results are working for you by liaising with contractors and vendors, making ourselves available for additional project-related consultation as well as undertaking additional reporting and investigative work. We enter into relationships with a long-term outlook. Our commitment to you does not end upon delivery. We’re always a phone call away.