BDG – The History Of Our Company

Building Diagnostics Group, Inc. (BDG) is a multifaceted consulting firm specializing in the non-destructive detection, investigation, and resolution of water intrusions on multi-family, commercial, industrial and institutional buildings. 

Robert Scherer, President of Building Diagnostics Group, Inc. (BDG), founded the company in southwest Florida in 2002, originally calling it Infrared Consultants, Inc. At that time, BDG’s core business was focused on building science thermography. During this period, infrared thermography was new to the building industry as it was primarily used for electrical and mechanical surveys.

After seeing the benefits of building science thermography, BDG quickly became focused on identifying the cause and origin of the water intrusions detected using thermography equipment. We began performing water intrusion diagnostic services in 2004, using specialized spray-rack equipment that was calibrated to meet ASTM & AAMA testing standards. By 2006, we quickly became an industry leader in water intrusion diagnostic services.

In 2008, we officially changed our name to Building Diagnostics Group, Inc. (BDG) to better reflect our core capabilities. We also relocated our main office to Atlanta to better serve our commercial investment clients as we are often called on to perform due diligence related services throughout the country on very short notice.

Today, Building Diagnostics Group, Inc. (BDG) is performing services across the nation and maintaining strong relationships with all of our clients while seeking new relationships that are mutually beneficial to all parties involved.