Drone Infrared Solar Panel Inspections

Aerial drone thermal imaging inspections: a game changer for evaluating solar panels.

It is well known that using thermography for solar panel field evaluations offers several advantages. Regular inspections are important for efficient power generation, long service life, and high returns on the investment.

Armed with our FLIR equipped drone, a commercial DJI Inspire sUAS with a Zenmuse XT 640×512 resolution radiometric infrared camera, we say goodbye to the days of hanging out the side door of a moving helicopter.

sUAS inspections are greatly reducing the quality assurance program cost of solar field inspections by eliminating helicopter rental, pilot payment, fuel bills, and the other costs associated with bringing it all together. Furthermore, inspections are performed under normal operating conditions and do not require a shutdown.

Anomalies associated with defects, damage, poor connections, and defective bypass diodes are easily detected and documented. Temporary “shadowing” from debris or other contaminates is also detected and documented for required repairs.

Performing aerial sUAS thermal inspections starting with the new installation and followed by annual inspections will help extend the solar panels’ lifetime. A condition monitoring program will drastically improve the operating company’s profit margins by eliminating inefficient operations and premature panel failure.

All of our operators are FAA Authorized Commercial sUAS Remote Pilots. We have a current inventory of four sUAS specially equipped with high-resolution Zenmuse XT 640×512 radiometric infrared camera systems.

Unlike many FAA sUAS drone pilots, Robert Scherer, our president, is an ITC Certified Level III Thermographer with over 15 years of thermography experience. The highly specialized technicians at BDG can interpret thermal images accurately, develop condition monitoring programs, and assist your facility with ongoing inspection programs.

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