Infrared Inspections in Athens, GA
Infrared Inspections in Athens, GA

Infrared inspections are the only diagnostic tool that can instantly detect whether water has penetrated a building envelope. Building Diagnostic Group has saved clients in Athens, GA and across the United States thousands of dollars by uncovering deficient areas within their buildings.

Building Diagnostics Group (BDG), founded in 2002, is a multifaceted consulting firm that specializes in infrared building science, aerial thermography, and water testing procedures that give us the ability to identify the cause and origin of most roof and building failures.

Our skilled team of professionals uses only state-of-the-art infrared camera equipment from FLIR, the world’s leader in infrared technology. This high-resolution specialty thermography equipment has made us one of the nation’s leaders in building science thermography.

Whether you are an owner, seller, investor, lender or other stakeholder in a multi-family, commercial, industrial or institutional building, BDG provides the inspections and reports you need for optimal decision-making.

All properties experience natural and manmade deterioration, but multi-family properties and apartment buildings are more complex and have more systems and features than other types of properties.

The most useful inspections will uncover the true condition of the property including all of the major systems, such as roofing, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and structure. Consequently, it’s important to hire a company with extensive experience in the construction, maintenance and inspection of commercial buildings. 

Our Comprehensive Services

Utilizing our proven infrared inspection techniques, the professional BDG team can rapidly identify hidden damage and provide you with an independent analysis of a building’s structural integrity.

Exterior Inspections

We can thoroughly evaluate a building’s exterior wall system for water intrusions that may have damaged the exterior sheathing and/or structural components. BDG has the ability to identify potential hidden defects in many different cladding systems, from single coat stucco systems to Exterior Insulation Finish Systems (EIFS) to siding. These inspections are extremely fast and cost-effective. We can typically evaluate 10 to 15 low-rise apartment or multi-family buildings in just a few days on site.

Roof Surveys

BDG can detect otherwise unobservable areas of water damage without requiring roof access or causing disruption to the occupants of the building. Our aerial drone thermal infrared roof inspections are ideal for determining active roof leaks during due diligence of commercial or multi-family property acquisitions and significantly reduce the inspection time and expense compared to conventional methods.

Interior Inspections

BDG can quickly pinpoint the exact location of interior water intrusions with little or no physical disassembly of the premises and with minimal disturbance to the occupants. Even if the building materials are dry by the time of our inspection, we can visually document the areas that were affected to provide a true representation of actual damage.

If you are looking for infrared inspections for your project in Athens, GA, or anywhere in the nation, and would like to know more about our extensive services, please contact Building Diagnostics Group at (404) 946-9939 to discuss your requirements.