Infrared Roof Inspection Austin, Texas
Infrared Roof Inspection Austin, Texas

Building Diagnostics Group provides infrared roof inspection services in Austin, Texas, and across the nation. In the hands of our experienced certified thermographers, moisture damaged areas can be quickly and non-destructively identified.

Building Diagnostics Group (BDG), founded in 2002, is an industry leader in the non-destructive detection, investigation, and resolution of water intrusions. Robert Scherer, President, is certified in Advanced Building Diagnostics and is an ITC Certified Level III Thermographer with more than 15 years of thermography experience in a wide range of applications.

About Infrared Thermography

Infrared thermography (IR) is the science of infrared imaging. Infrared radiation is emitted by all objects, and the amount of radiation increases with temperature. Thermographic cameras detect this radiation in a similar manner as an ordinary camera detects visible light. The radiation is converted into visible high-resolution images that make it possible to “see” variations in temperature with or without visible illumination.

When there is a leak in a roof membrane, water can enter the roof system and saturate the insulation and underlying layers. During the day, solar energy heats up the roof membrane and the insulation underneath. When the sun sets, the roof system cools off, but the wet areas hold the heat longer than the dry areas. Infrared thermography is the only diagnostic tool that can instantly detect whether water has penetrated a roof system or building envelope.

BDG provides the highest quality infrared and digital imagery in the industry. We use only high-resolution FLIR SYSTEMS thermography equipment and utilize several different camera systems, including a Zenmuse XT 640×512 resolution radiometric infrared camera, each for a specific use and calibrated for specific targets.

We are also FAA-authorized to perform nighttime aerial operations with an approved Daylight Operation Waiver under 14 CFR § 107.29, allowing us to perform aerial infrared roof inspections throughout the United States.

Infrared Walk-Over Inspections: BDG’s visual photographic roof inspections use professional grade infrared camera equipment to capture high-resolution digital images. The inspector systematically walks the low slope roof, typically at night, looking for normally invisible cooler areas that are typical of wet insulation, ensuring that the entire surface is inspected.

Infrared Aerial Inspections: BDG’s aerial drone thermal infrared roof inspections can significantly reduce the time and expense of commercial roof inspections in comparison to conventional methods. We perform this service just after sunset to detect warm trapped moisture under the roofing membrane. Our infrared roof inspections will catch minor moisture penetrations before they have a chance to escalate into costly repairs.

A Proven Process

After an initial telephone or face-to-face meeting, BDG will send a team to work on site with you, make a clean sweep of the area, and document everything with our specialized thermographic equipment. Startling findings are usually available within minutes and may lead to additional areas of interest.

Back at our office, we review and analyze the data and digital images we collected during the course of our roof inspection and create a comprehensive project report that details the problems and anomalies encountered. Our reports also provide the technical details your roof repair vendors will need to fix them.

To learn more about Building Diagnostics Group’s infrared roof surveys and inspections in Austin, Texas or elsewhere in the U.S., please get in touch with us at (888) 317-4568 to discuss your project, or contact us online.