Infrared Inspections in Gainesville, FL
Infrared Inspections in Gainesville, FL

As a multifaceted consulting firm, Building Diagnostics Group performs infrared inspections, aerial thermography, water penetration inspections, and other services for clients in Gainesville, FL, and throughout the nation.

Building Diagnostics Group (BDG), founded in 2002, specializes in the non-destructive detection, investigation, and resolution of water intrusions on multi-family, commercial, industrial and institutional buildings. Our team’s expertise in infrared building science and water testing procedures enables us to identify the cause and origin of most building failures.

Our skilled team exclusively uses infrared camera equipment from FLIR, the world’s leader in infrared technology. This high-resolution specialty thermography equipment has made us one of the nation’s leaders in building science thermography.

What Causes Water Intrusion?

Infrared thermography (IR) is the only diagnostic tool that lets you instantly visualize faults due to thermal patterns, enabling you to maintain the reliability of electrical and mechanical systems and resolve issues before it is too late. Thermography also easily detects water penetrating a building envelope due to the thermal differences between wet building materials and the adjacent dry materials. 

The basic causes of moisture intrusion into buildings are:

  • Rainwater/groundwater intrusion: In both hot, humid and temperate climates, rainwater leaks and groundwater infiltration are major sources of building moisture and mold-related problems.
  • Intrusion of moisture-laden air from outside: Humid air from outside can be introduced into building cavities by wind and through HVAC systems. This can be a particularly serious problem in hot, humid climates.
  • Water vapor diffusion: Differential vapor pressure between the interior and exterior of a building can cause water vapor to diffuse through the building envelope. This can be a significant problem in cold climates.

BDG performs field-testing procedures relative to evaluating the performance of installed windows, doors, storefront, curtain walls, sloped glazing systems, skylights, ribbon windows, and exterior building facades for new construction quality assurance and diagnostic services to determine the cause of water intrusions.

Benefits of Infrared Inspections

  • Fast, reliable, accurate detection of energy loss, moisture and electrical issues
  • Advance warning of a potential problems and system failures
  • More accurate inspection results
  • Non-invasive and non-destructive
  • Minimal interference with building occupants
  • No facility shutdown required
  • Helps prevent unscheduled downtime
  • Ideal for predictive maintenance of electrical, mechanical and structural systems
  • Cost savings

BDG has performed services on hundreds of multi-family and commercial properties and inspected in excess of over 50 million square feet. In 2018 alone, our team inspected 92 properties in 19 states for a total of 26 million square feet. We have identified significant hidden building defects that have cost from $2 to $5 million dollars in underlying structural repairs.

Our infrared inspection services include:

If you are concerned about how much time an in-depth inspection might take, BDG is able to perform thorough and accurate surveys on large properties in days, not weeks. For example, we can evaluate 10 to 15 low-rise apartment buildings in just a few days on site.

Whether you are a property owner, property or facilities manager, or real estate investor in Gainesville, FL, infrared inspections from Building Diagnostics Group will provide an invaluable component to your building diagnostics and preventative maintenance program.  Get in touch with us at (888) 317-4568 to explore our many services.