Infrared Inspections in Fort Myers, FL
Infrared Inspections in Fort Myers, FL

Knowing as much as possible about your property in Fort Myers, FL, enables you to validate a sound investment. Infrared building inspections from Building Diagnostics Group are an extremely cost-effective method of getting hidden water intrusion problems under control before they become more serious and expensive to repair.

Building Diagnostics Group (BDG), founded in 2002 and headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, is a multifaceted consulting firm that specializes in the non-destructive detection, investigation, and resolution of water intrusions on multi-family, commercial, industrial and institutional buildings.

Robert Scherer, President, is certified in Advanced Building Diagnostics and is an ITC Certified Level III Thermographer with more than 15 years of thermography experience in a wide range of applications. His team of professionals include Certified Indoor Environmentalists, Certified Mold Inspectors. and other engineering/architectural specialists.  L

We offer services in a variety of different roles, often working with engineering firms during the due diligence process of an acquisition. We are typically the first to inspect the exterior of a property, providing insight about the overall condition and the need, if any, for additional services to complete the due diligence evaluation.

We have performed inspection services on 300+ properties and inspected in excess of 50 million square feet. Our services have identified significant hidden building defects that have cost from $2 to $5 million dollars each in underlying structural repairs.

Our services include:

Case Study

Robert Scherer, President of BDG, presented and published a white paper on “Infrared Thermography for Exterior Cladding Systems” based on an inspection in Jacksonville, Florida, during which our highly specialized team discovered more than $1.8 million dollars in hidden sheathing damage in 18 of 25 multi-family apartment buildings.

The apartment complex had recently undergone a complete exterior paint and sealant renovation and appeared to be in above-average condition. While the renovations made the buildings appear new, our inspection found that this was not the case. Our final report gave our client, the prospective buyer of the complex, the ability to successfully negotiate repairs before closing the deal.

Of course, it’s rare for any building to be in perfect condition, and hidden deficiencies are often found in newer properties, such as unfinished roofing membranes; missing flashing or counterflashing; installation of the wrong HVAC equipment; improperly attached or insulated pipes; improperly installed electrical outlets and switches; and reversed or leaking plumbing fixtures, among others.

Protect your property and your long-term investment with infrared inspections by Building Diagnostics Group. We provide services in Fort Myers, FL, and throughout the United States. Please contact us at (888) 317-4568 to discuss your requirements and receive a free quote.