Aerial Infrared Inspections in Marietta, Georgia
Aerial Infrared Inspections in Marietta, Georgia

Whether you are a property owner, property or facilities manager, or real estate investor in Marietta, Georgia, aerial infrared inspections from Building Diagnostics Group will provide an invaluable component to your building diagnostics and preventative maintenance program. 

Building Diagnostics Group (BDG), founded in 2002, is an industry leader in aerial infrared imaging and commercial building thermal inspection services.  Our expertise in infrared building science and water testing procedures enables us to identify the cause and origin of most building failures.

What is Infrared Thermography?

Infrared thermography (IR) uses specialized thermography cameras to measure the thermal energy emitted from an object. It is the only diagnostic tool that lets you instantly visualize faults due to thermal patterns, enabling you to maintain the reliability of electrical and mechanical systems and resolve issues before it is too late.

Thermography also easily detects water that is penetrating a building envelope due to the thermal differences between wet building materials and the adjacent dry materials. 

About Our Services

Aerial infrared thermography is a powerful non-invasive tool for a wide range of applications that might otherwise require destructive contact, including:

  • Aerial infrared roof inspections to detect and document areas of moisture for further investigation and proper repair recommendations.
  • Aerial infrared solar panel inspections to validate new installations and aging infrastructures and identify defective or damaged panels to help maintain maximum operational output, long service life, and high returns on investment.
  • Aerial infrared tower and structure inspections and high-resolution digital photography to help maintain, build, or modify water towers, cell towers, wind turbines, and other elevated structures.
  • Aerial construction site monitoring to collect site data at predetermined intervals or during specific project milestones for analysis by construction managers and owners.
  • 3D Construction Modeling to create photorealistic 3D models of job sites by stitching hundreds of photographs together to perform cut/fill analysis, calculate surface and volume measurements, and build design surfaces.

Armed with our FLIR-equipped commercial DJI Inspire and Matrice sUAS drones with a Zenmuse XT 640×512 resolution radiometric infrared camera system, Building Diagnostics Group performs everything from new installations to annual inspections.

BDG can work with you during the due diligence process of an acquisition. We are also used in litigation and insurance claims to either provide details as to the extent of the claim or provide bid specification for remedial actions. Many commercial and multi-family properties contract us to perform annual inspections to proactively protect their investment.

About Our Team

Robert Scherer, President of BDG, is certified in Advanced Building Diagnostics and is an ITC Certified Level III Thermographer with over 15 years of thermography experience in many different applications. Robert is also a Certified Indoor Environmentalist and Certified Mold Inspector. He has presented at building industry conferences and published white papers on specialty applications for the use of infrared thermography.

Our highly trained team of professionals includes Certified Thermographers, Certified Industrial Hygienists (CIH), and other engineering/architectural specialists that enable us to provide the most comprehensive non-destructive building investigations available today. All of our operators are also FAA Authorized Commercial sUAS Remote Drone Pilots.

As a multifaceted consulting firm, Building Diagnostics Group is ready to put our aerial infrared inspections to work for your application. To receive a quote or additional information, please contact us at (888) 317-4568 and tell us about your project.