Aerial Construction Photography in Atlanta, Georgia

Aerial construction photography performed with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), commonly referred to as drones, can be an invaluable tool in Atlanta, Georgia for improving surveys, site visibility, construction progress reporting, and structure inspection processes.

Building Diagnostics Group (BDG) is a multifaceted consulting firm that specializes in aerial thermography, infrared building science, and water penetration testing. Our highly trained team of professionals has the knowledge and ability to perform a wide range of thermal imaging inspections locally, regionally and nationwide and can handle any size project.

High-Resolution Equipment

BDG has a fleet of FLIR-equipped DJI Inspire and Matrice aerial commercial drones. They feature Zenmuse XT 640×512 resolution radiometric infrared cameras capable of producing high-resolution images and video. FLIR Systems is the world leader in thermal imaging equipment.

While most thermographers use cameras with resolutions of at least 320×240 or 76,800 pixels, we use only high-resolution imagery systems that produce at least 640×480 lines of resolution (307,200 pixels), and with our advanced system, the T1020, 1024×768 lines of resolution (786,432 pixels). We are also skilled in proper image capture, data interpretation, and have extensive construction knowledge.

Advantages of Aerial Construction Photography

Aerial construction photography enables you to:

  • Collect site information faster and more safely than ever before
  • Keep projects on track and on budget
  • Access and document areas that are difficult to reach
  • Track daily progress and productivity
  • Make decisions or modifications based on up-to-the-minute data
  • Observe job site safety and security in real-time
  • Create precision 3D maps of your jobsites to view or export
  • Document progress for clients and stakeholders
  • Limit liability and risk by documenting every step of the project

Our wide range of aerial services include:

  • Aerial construction site monitoring to collect site data at predetermined intervals or during specific project milestones for analysis by construction managers and owners.
  • 3D Construction Modeling to create photorealistic 3D models of job sites by stitching hundreds of photographs together to perform cut/fill analysis, calculate surface and volume measurements, and build design surfaces.
  • Aerial infrared roof inspections to detect and document areas of moisture for further investigation and proper repair recommendations.
  • Aerial infrared solar panel inspections to validate new installations and aging infrastructures and identify defective or damaged panels to help maintain maximum operational output, long service life, and high returns on investment.
  • Aerial infrared tower and structure inspections and high-resolution digital photography to help maintain, build, or modify water towers, cell towers, wind turbines, and other elevated structures.

Once BDG’s aerial photography and inspections are completed, we review and analyze the data and images we collected and compile an in-depth project report for you along with visual documentation of the property and digital photographs.

If you are interested in additional information about aerial construction photography in Atlanta, Georgia, or would like a quote, please get in touch with Building Diagnostics Group at (404) 946-9939 to discuss the details of your project.