Aerial Construction Monitoring in Alpharetta, Georgia
Aerial Construction Monitoring in Alpharetta, Georgia

Aerial construction monitoring by means of small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), aka “drones”, can improve the efficiency, accuracy, safety and speed of your construction projects in Alpharetta, Georgia, and can serve as your eye in the sky.

Camera-equipped drones are less expensive to fly than manned aircraft and much faster than human surveyors. The aerial intelligence they gather enables construction companies to monitor and document construction progress with an amazing degree of accuracy. The data can help you create topographical maps and 3D construction models, monitor costly resources, such as sand and gravel, and more efficiently deploy your resources around your jobsite.

Building Diagnostics Group (BDG), headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, is a multifaceted consulting firm. Our expertise in thermal infrared aerial imagery, or aerial infrared thermography, as well as infrared building science and water testing procedures, are invaluable to architects, builders, property developers, construction managers, insurance companies and others.

Uses of Drones in Construction

From scouting a site to completion of a project, aerial imaging performed by highly trained team of professionals enables clients to see current real-time conditions as well as conditions they would not be able to see by simply walking the construction site.

The applications for aerial thermography in construction are endless:

  • Pre-construction assessments and surveys
  • Building energy performance surveys
  • Complex mapping missions
  • Infrared roof inspections
  • Solar panel field surveys
  • Tower and structure inspections
  • Transmission line inspections
  • Topographic surveys
  • Agricultural surveys
  • Track material and equipment in real time
  • Identify hard-to-spot structural problems
  • Post-disaster assessment and recovery
  • Search and rescue missions

The Right Equipment for the Job

Building Diagnostics Group’s FLIR-equipped DJI Inspire and Matrice aerial commercial drones feature a Zenmuse XT 640×512 resolution radiometric infrared camera that is capable of producing high-resolution images and video. FLIR Systems is the world leader in thermal imaging equipment.

While most thermographers use cameras with resolutions of at least 320×240 or 76,800 pixels, BDG uses only high-resolution imagery systems that produce at least 640×480 lines of resolution (307,200 pixels), and with our advanced system, the T1020, 1024×768 lines of resolution (786,432 pixels). We are also skilled in proper image capture, data interpretation, and have extensive construction knowledge.

Whether you need a simple, one-time aerial image or multiple images over a specific period, BDG can collect aerial site data at predetermined intervals or during specific project milestones. The data capture requires no direct interaction with the site and allows work to continue undisturbed.

Our aerial services include as many photos and videos as are needed to capture the entire construction site from all angles and perspectives. They can be uploaded to our cloud reporting platform to produce a large format stitched image or a 3D model that can easily be annotated, measured, and shared with anyone you authorize.

Building Diagnostics Group is available for nationwide travel to your site. If you are seeking expert aerial construction monitoring services in Alpharetta, Georgia, give us a call at (888) 317-4568 or contact us online, and provide us with details about your project.