Tower & Structure Inspections

We provide high-resolution digital photography and infrared thermal imaging services to help maintain, build, or modify water tower structures or any other elevated structures.

Complete structure documentation includes noting visible deficiencies, the condition of the existing coating, hardware failures, and general overall tower conditions.

Aerial Water Tower Inspections

Has your tower been recently coated? An aerial inspection can evaluate the quality of the new coating, consistency, and quality of workmanship.

Our process includes a pre-inspection meeting with the facility manager or director that will outline the expectations of the inspection. Additionally, a remote video monitor can be used to provide real-time monitoring by site personnel.

Deliverables include video documentation, photo files, or virtual inspection documentation using our cloud reporting platform.

The many advantages of aerial drone inspections include:

  • Significant reduction in costs over tradition inspection methods
  • Storm damage assessments
  • Preemptive maintenance
  • Lighting/marker condition observation
  • Saftey inspections
  • Able to compare structure over time

We are FAA Authorized Commercial sUAS Remote Pilots with a current inventory of four aircraft specially equipped with high-resolution camera systems. The FAA has also granted BDG with a 14 CFR 107.29 Daylight Operation Waiver allowing us to perform nighttime aerial operations.

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