Drone Building Inspections are SOARING in Atlanta

Drone construction building inspections are rapidly on the rise in metro Atlanta. Recently we just started several ongoing construction monitoring projects in Alpharetta, Marietta, Duluth, and Gainesville.

Drone photography is rapidly taking the place of all other forms of aerial photography while offering significant benefits to the construction industry. Whether you are trying to reassure your client, show your investors that the project is on schedule, document the construction process for marketing purposes, or hold your general contractor accountable, you can now access aerial drone photography without the costs associated with traditional helicopter or fixed-wing aircraft.

Drone building inspections on the rise in Atlanta

From site planning to project completion, the ability to visually document and monitor activities on a job site can streamline the building process and improve jobsite safety. Even before breaking ground on a new construction site or just after it is cleared, aerial photography can give you a detailed aerial view of the construction site to use for project planning. A series of aerial images could be processed into a time-lapse video for use in collateral (marketing) materials for your website or for the evaluation of construction performance.

Aerial photography can give the owners a unique perspective of a project. With high-resolution camera equipment and rapid access, the experts at BDG give you real-time information on the progress of a construction project. At the commencement of each project, a flight plan is created saving specific waypoints so photos can be taken from the same perspective, both direction and elevation, each time we document your project. Flight intervals vary from project to project; smaller projects are typically on a monthly schedule while larger projects are on a weekly basis throughout the life of the project. This method makes it easy to document progress and compare changes over time. These same aerial images can also be used later in your marketing materials.

Humans are visual creatures. I’m sure you have experienced for yourself the difference between reading a description and seeing the same information presented visually. It is often difficult for a potential buyer to get a good overview of a commercial real estate property from the ground. Adding aerial photos to your sales brochures, website, and social media accounts will dramatically improve the visual impact of your property. You could even use the aerial photos and video to show clients how certain construction processes work. You also might consider archiving this collateral material to your project closeout files for future reference or to show other potential clients who might be interested in your services.

Assets such as commercial buildings, parking garages, roof systems, water towers, wind turbines, solar fields, or other structures that are often difficult to document or inspect for wear and damage have never been more accessible or more inexpensive to document than they are today, using aerial drone photography.

When precision detailed photos are required we deploy our Zenmuse Z30 camera system. This system can capture brilliantly detailed images of your asset while maintaining a safe distance from the building or object using it’s 30X optical zoom and pro stabilization technology to capture clean, crisp, detailed images. All of our commercial drones are equipped with high-resolution camera systems capable of producing 20+ megapixel images and full 4K videos.

Drone photography can provide a less dangerous way to identify potential hazards or document potential defects from improper construction methods. You no longer need traditional aircraft to take aerial photos for documenting the status of an area. Orthomosaic photography is the process of stitching multiple photos together to create a larger image. Large-scale construction site photos can provide visual details that can pinpoint possible problem areas that with proper planning could mitigate safety and logistic problems.

Building Diagnostics Group, Inc. (BDG) performs a wide variety of aerial drone inspection services throughout the United States from its main office located in Atlanta, GA. With 25+ years of construction experience and fifteen years of construction consulting, we understand the importance of capturing construction details and not just aerial building photos.

Our drone pilots are all fully insured, FAA Authorized Commercial sUAS Remote Pilots, and operate a current inventory of four specially equipped aircraft with high-resolution camera systems. The FAA has granted BDG a 14 CFR 107.29 Daylight Operation Waiver. This waiver allows us to perform aerial infrared roof inspections or other nighttime missions throughout the United States.

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