Multifamily Building Infrared Inspections
Multifamily Building Infrared Inspections

Building Diagnostics Group performs infrared inspections of multifamily and commercial buildings to identify physical defects and deferred maintenance issues that could potentially affect their value.

Building Diagnostics Group (BDG) is a multifaceted consulting firm, founded in 2002, that specializes in infrared building science, aerial thermography, and water testing procedures that enable us to identify the cause and origin of most roof and building failures.

Thermography provides a means for viewing building systems under normal operating conditions to identify abnormally warm or cool areas that indicate moisture intrusion, insulation deficiencies and other energy losses.

BDG has saved clients thousands of dollars by discovering deficient areas within their buildings, such as moisture within walls, insulation, and other building materials that indicate leaking pipes, condensation issues, and other problems.

Our Comprehensive Services

BDG’s inspections will uncover the real condition of a property, including all of the major systems, such as roofing, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and structure. We can rapidly identify hidden damage and provide you with an independent analysis of your building’s structural integrity.

We provide a wide range of infrared inspection services:

Our inspections are swift and cost-effective. In general, we can evaluate 10 to 15 low-rise apartments or multi-family buildings with just a few days on-site.

Choose a Highly Qualified Inspection Company

Most multifamily properties are more complex and have more systems and features than other properties. Therefore, it’s important to hire a company with extensive experience in the construction, maintenance and inspection of multifamily buildings. 

Robert Scherer, President of BDG, is certified in Advanced Building Diagnostics and is an ITC Certified Level III Thermographer with over 15 years of thermography experience in many different applications. Robert is also a Certified Indoor Environmentalist and Certified Mold Inspector. He has presented at building industry conferences and published white papers on specialty applications for the use of infrared thermography.

BDG often works with engineering firms during the due diligence process of an acquisition. We are typically the first to inspect the exterior of a property, providing insight about the overall condition and the need, if any, for additional services to complete the due diligence evaluation.

We have performed services on 400+ commercial and multi-family properties in excess of over 75 million square feet. In 2018 alone, we inspected 26 million square feet in 19 states and 41 cities across the U.S. Our services have identified significant hidden building defects that have each cost from $2 to $5 million dollars in underlying structural repairs.

Building Diagnostics Group is an industry leader in multifamily building infrared inspections. We make the invisible visible, providing the data you need to make important investment decisions. To learn more or to receive a quote, please call us at (888) 317-4568 to discuss the details of your project.