Infrared Thermography Testing
Infrared Thermography Testing

Building Diagnostics Group has performed infrared thermography testing on 300+ multi-family, commercial, industrial and institutional properties and inspected in excess of over 50 million square feet. Our services can save you money and identify repairs that extend the service life of your building.

Building Diagnostics Group (BDG) specializes in infrared thermography and the non-destructive detection, investigation, and resolution of water intrusions on buildings throughout the nation. Our state-of-the-art technology and skilled team of professional thermographers combine to produce inspections and testing services of the highest quality.

Benefits of Infrared Testing

Infrared inspections detect temperature variations in a building envelope, providing quick and accurate detection of moisture leaks, energy loss and electrical malfunctions in walls, under floors and in other hidden places. Inspections can reveal small defects before they escalate into major crises.

Unlike many commercial building inspection techniques, infrared imaging is completely non-invasive, which means there is no risk of damaging any aspect of the property and minimal disruption.

Infrared inspections provide advance warning of potential problems and system failures. They also help:

  • Improve energy efficiency
  • Reduce safety incidents caused by unexpected system failures
  • Prevent lost production time
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Enhance predictive maintenance of electrical, mechanical and structural systems

Infrared inspections are ideal during due diligence of property acquisitions and can be invaluable to architects, property developers, insurance companies and others. Many property owners contract us to perform annual inspections to proactively protect their investments.

Water Penetration Testing Services

Water Intrusion Field Testing Services: BDG performs field-testing procedures to evaluate the performance of installed windows, doors, storefront, curtain walls, sloped glazing systems, skylights, ribbon windows, and exterior building facades for new construction quality assurance and diagnostic services to determine the cause of water intrusions.

Storefront / Curtain Wall Water Testing: Storefront and curtain wall systems are similar in appearance but differ in the way water drainage mechanisms are used. Details related to their design and installations vary among manufacturers. Common problems with these systems include water leakage, air infiltration, and failed insulated glass units.

Masonry Wall Drainage Testing: Although masonry wall systems are durable and capable of fulfilling their function for many years, defects are often encountered, usually becoming apparent as water intrusions within the building. These defects can arise from deficiencies in design, poor workmanship, inadequate project supervision, complicated cladding transitions, or a combination of these conditions.

Forensic Water Intrusion Testing: Our systematic approach to a project includes an initial evaluation, full service history review, identifying physical symptoms, visual inspection of reported intrusions, developing a hypothesis, recreating leaks simulating normal rainfall, tracing and correlating intrusions, verifying the hypothesis, providing a final analysis and accurately reporting through field documentation.

Building Diagnostics Group has the knowledge and ability to perform a wide range of infrared thermography testing and can handle any size project. Please get in touch with us at (888) 317-4568. We are available for nationwide travel to your site from our headquarters in Atlanta, GA.