Infrared Inspections in Waco, TX
Infrared Inspections in Waco, TX

Let Building Diagnostics Group put our expertise in infrared inspections to work for you in Waco, TX, to uncover the sources, not just the symptoms, of water intrusion into your multi-family, commercial, industrial or institutional buildings.

Building Diagnostics Group (BDG) is a multifaceted consulting firm, founded in 2002, that specializes in infrared building science, aerial thermography, and water testing procedures that enable us to identify the cause and origin of most roof and building failures. We have the knowledge and ability to perform a wide range of thermal imaging inspections locally, regionally and nationwide and can handle any size project.

Causes of Water Intrusion

The basic causes of moisture intrusion into buildings are:

  • Rainwater/groundwater intrusion: In both hot, humid and temperate climates, rainwater leaks and groundwater infiltration are major sources of building moisture and mold-related problems.
  • Intrusion of moisture-laden air from outside: Humid air from outside can be introduced into building cavities by wind and through HVAC systems. This can be a particularly serious problem in hot, humid climates.
  • Water vapor diffusion: Differential vapor pressure between the interior and exterior of a building can cause water vapor to diffuse through the building envelope. This can be a significant problem in cold climates.

BDG performs field-testing procedures relative to evaluating the performance of installed windows, doors, storefront, curtain walls, sloped glazing systems, skylights, ribbon windows, and exterior building facades for new construction quality assurance and diagnostic services to determine the cause of water intrusions.

Our services include:

BDG also has an inventory of four commercial FLIR-equipped DJI Inspire and Matrice drones mounted with high-resolution infrared camera systems that can detect building defects beyond the visible inspection, identifying potential problems that could cost thousands of dollars to repair.

We are FAA-authorized to perform nighttime aerial operations with an approved Daylight Operation Waiver under 14 CFR § 107.29. The waiver allows us to perform aerial infrared roof inspections throughout the United States.

How Infrared Inspections Can Help

Infrared inspections detect temperature variations in the components of a building envelope, such as the roof (which is intended as a weather-tight skin), windows (which should allow sunlight in but keep rain out), walls (which should create a rain and heat/cold shield), the foundation (which is intended to keep water and frost out), and other hidden places. Inspections can reveal small defects, such as moisture leaks, energy loss and electrical malfunctions, before they escalate into major crises.

Unlike many commercial building inspection techniques, infrared imaging is completely non-invasive, which means there is minimal disruption and no risk of damaging any aspect of the property.

Other important benefits of infrared inspections include:

  • Advance warning of potential problems and system failures
  • Prevent lost production time
  • Increase energy efficiency
  • Reduce safety incidents caused by unexpected system failures
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Ideal for predictive maintenance of electrical, mechanical and structural systems

Building Diagnostics Group makes the invisible visible, performing infrared inspections in Waco, TX and nationwide that deliver the data you need to make important investment decisions. Call us at (888) 317-4568 to discuss your project and receive a free quote.