Atlanta Multi-Family Property Condition Assessment & Inspection
Atlanta Multi-Family Property Condition Assessment & Inspection

If you are an owner, investor, lender or insurer who requires a Property Condition Assessment of a multi-family property in Atlanta, or a different type of commercial building inspection, Building Diagnostics Group can help.

Building Diagnostics Group (BDG) specializes in the non-destructive detection, investigation, and resolution of water intrusions on multi-family, commercial, industrial and institutional buildings throughout the nation. Our state-of-the-art technology and skilled team of professional thermographers combine to produce inspections of the highest quality.

Infrared inspections by BDG have saved clients thousands of dollars by discovering deficient areas within their buildings, such as moisture within walls, insulation, and other building materials that indicate leaking pipes, condensation issues, and other problems.

What Are the Benefits of a PCA?

A Property Condition Assessment (PCA) identifies physical defects and deferred maintenance issues that could potentially affect its value. The assessment can help investors, sellers, lenders, and other stakeholders:

  • Make informed purchasing decisions
  • Fully assess risks associated with the property
  • Reveal design or construction problems, including structural issues, code violations, poor quality or workmanship, and inadequate systems
  • Negotiate a more favorable price when major deficiencies are uncovered
  • Obtain concessions from the seller
  • Estimate the cost of repairs and replacements
  • Refine future cash flow projections
  • Reduce the building’s overall energy consumption
  • Mitigate exposure to future liability
  • Reduce insurance premium costs

For each deficiency found during a PCA, clients receive a report that fully describes the concerns or defects found during the inspection, with photo documentation and an estimate of repair costs. Inspection reports can be customized to meet a client’s requirements based on how the report will be used and its intended audience.

Wide Range of Infrared Inspection Capabilities

Knowing as much as possible about a building envelope provides the critical information prospective buyers and investors need to identify costly hidden damage or validate a sound investment. This makes infrared inspections extremely cost-effective in the decision-making process.

Those inspections include:

Exterior Building Inspections – Infrared imaging allows us to thoroughly evaluate a building’s exterior wall system for water intrusions that may have damaged the exterior sheathing and/or structural components and effectively identify potential hidden defects. We can map areas of moisture entrapment and delimitation due to environmental stress for many different cladding systems.

Commercial Roof Inspections – Infrared roof inspections are a non-contact and non-destructive testing method of finding active roof leaks before they become a massive problem. BDG’s inspections are fast, affordable, and can see the unseen and pin point anomalies beneath the roofing substrate. Our team can evaluate up to 300,000 SF of roof area in a single visit via our walk-over method, or millions of square feet with our aerial drone service.

Interior Building Inspections – Infrared thermography is by far the best method for the documentation of a water loss or water intrusion event. With our extensive knowledge and use of high-resolution infrared cameras, we can quickly pinpoint the exact location of water intrusions with little or no physical disassembly of the premises and with minimal disturbance to the occupants.

If you are looking for a Property Condition Assessment or other type of inspection of multi-family property in Atlanta, Georgia, give Building Diagnostics Group a call at (404) 946-9939 to find out more. Our PCAs are performed to ASTM standards and can be customized for clients’ needs.