Expert Witness Testimony

An expert witness, by definition, is someone who, by virtue of education, training, skill, or experience, is believed to have knowledge in a subject beyond that of the average person.

Expert Computer ReportBDG is the leader in infrared thermography for building science applications. We have testified, provided written opinions, or given litigation support in over 50 projects relating to infrared thermography for construction defects and storm damage claims.

We offer our proven process of collecting data regarding the condition of a subject property, including faults, abnormalities, and defects in structures nationwide.

This process is generally carried out non-destructively using our high-resolution infrared camera equipment.

Our specialty is water damage documentation and cause & origin investigations. Hidden water infiltration can cause degradation to building materials. If a large volume of water enters a structure, a devastating amount of mold growth can occur, which can cause severe health disorders if left uncorrected. By using high-resolution infrared camera equipment to detect areas of water infiltration, we can document the magnitude of the water impact to ensure proper remedial actions. We do this non-destructively, thus minimizing the disturbance of the building’s occupants. More importantly, our report provides detailed visual evidence of the actual damage.

Many times digital photographs do not accurately represent the total damage. Infrared images document hidden damage that traditional photography can’t. Our reports are so visual that it’s like bringing your building right into the courtroom. The end product is our expert opinion of the likely causes of failures found at the subject property and our suggestions for remedial actions.

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