Infrared Inspections in Birmingham, AL
Infrared Inspections in Birmingham, AL

Building Diagnostics Group routinely performs infrared inspections that have saved clients in Birmingham, AL and across the nation thousands of dollars by discovering deficient areas within buildings they own or intend to purchase.

Building Diagnostics Group (BDG) is a multifaceted consulting firm, founded in 2002, that specializes in infrared building science, aerial thermography, and water testing procedures that enable us to identify the cause and origin of most building failures.

Thermography provides a means for viewing building systems under normal operating conditions to identify abnormally warm or cool areas that indicate moisture intrusion, insulation deficiencies and other energy losses.

Utilizing only high-resolution FLIR SYSTEMS thermography equipment, the highest-quality infrared equipment in the industry, and several camera systems designed for different uses, the highly trained BDG team provides the most comprehensive non-destructive building investigations available today.

What We Do

BDG performs field-testing procedures relative to evaluating the performance of installed windows, doors, curtain walls, sloped glazing systems, skylights, ribbon windows, and exterior building facades for quality assurance and diagnostic services to determine the cause of any water intrusions.

Infrared thermography is also a powerful investigative tool in other applications, such as:

Benefits of Infrared Inspections

Water infiltration, moisture accumulation and energy loss can negatively impact owners and occupants, accelerate degradation of materials, damage interior finishes, increase energy costs, and promote mold growth within walls and roofs.

Due to the temperature differences between wet building materials and adjacent dry materials, infrared thermography is the only diagnostic tool that can instantly detect whether water has penetrated a building envelope. It can also detect heat escaping from places where cracks have developed or caulk has disintegrated, problems that are invisible to the naked eye.

Infrared inspections provide quick and accurate detection of moisture leaks, energy loss and electrical malfunctions in walls, under floors and in other hidden places. They can reveal small defects before they escalate into major crises. Identifying problems before catastrophic failure of a roof, ceiling or wall can help clients prevent costly collateral damage, downtime, and the need for replacement.

Unlike many commercial building inspection techniques, infrared thermography is completely non-invasive, which means there is no risk of damaging any part of the property and minimal disruption of building occupants.

Upon completion of each building survey, BDG delivers a comprehensive narrative report of our findings, identifying deficiencies, providing visual evidence (photos) of the building’s condition that can be viewed in digital or hard-copy format, and offering recommendations for replacement and repair.

To receive a quote for infrared building inspections in Birmingham, AL, or explore more of our capabilities, please contact Building Diagnostics Group at (888) 317-4568 to discuss your requirements.